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Ned is a tool that uniquely links Prostate Cancer survivors to their health care team and latest PSA lab results. Ned is easily accessible through your smartphone, tablet, and computer, so ask your doctor about connecting through Ned today!

Decision-making Support

Ned allows clinicians to collect Patient Reported Outcomes and receive PSA lab results directly from laboratory information systems. This data can be used to support decision-making and prompt behavioral or treatment changes.

About Ned

Ned, short for "No Evident Disease”, is a cross-platform app for prostate cancer survivors.

Ned helps you manage your prostate cancer by showing you your prostate specific antigen (PSA) results. Through Ned, you can also report your symptoms to your doctors so they can make more personalized decisions for your health.

Ned was conceptualized and co-founded by Dr. Andrew Feifer, a Urologic Surgical Oncologist at Trillium Health Centre in Toronto. Dr. Feifer evisioned a tool that would empower prostate cancer survivors by putting their health into their own hands and giving them more options to manage their own care.


Your health over time

Access a personalized view of your lab results and symptom data, where you and your provider can see time-based visualizations of your health.

Cross-platform accessibility

Use Ned anywhere there is an internet connection! From your desktop computer, to your tablet or smartphone, access your results anytime you want.

Share Ned

Share Ned with a caregiver or a loved one so they can stay informed about your health. You can grant them access to review your health data and communicate with your physician on your behalf.

Direct access to lab results

Never miss a lab result again. Your PSA results are delivered from a central repository for lab data to your Ned account, providing you with a personalized view of your own symptoms.

Content for you

Curated news, events, and health advice are delivered right to you within the app, allowing you to stay involved and informed.

Keep your provider up-to-date

Ned supports clinical decision-making by providing physicians with PSA results and your reported symptoms in real-time.

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